Rubi Franchise Management Software is one of the leading platform tool which is specifically built with the aim of empowering and giving you the ability to control your brand, marketing networks, and franchise at a global, regional and franchise level.

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Lead Management Solutions

Generate leads and convert them into loyal customers. Rubi is one of the best lead generation management software which allows companies to grow their business by easily capturing, contacting, qualifying, and converting more leads into sales.

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Project Management Solutions

Rubi provides the best Project management software solutions as Rubi is specialized in helping franchisors and franchisees manage every aspect of their real estate portfolios to ensure they maximize revenue, minimize costs and manage the ever more complex regulatory requirements.

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Task Management Solutions

Built with the aim of empowering task management solutions Rubi gives you the ability to control your brand, marketing networks, and franchise at a global and regional level.

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Location Management Solutions

Give your locations the attention they deserve while keeping each location in line with your brand standards. Rubi provides the best location management solutions as it gauge each location’s needs to generate local results.

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Intranet Management Solutions

As a best intranet management software tool Rubi is a central location to share all-important company information while strengthening franchisee relationships.

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Worksheet Flow Management Solutions

Rubi helps in record franchise sales and franchise charges, update franchise prepayments and create invoice records, and generate reports. Hence known as the best CRM for worksheet flow management solutions.

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Case Support System Solutions

Rubi is a professional case management software tool as it customized end to end platform that gives you clarity, group forecasting efficiency, productivity and the ability to save money.

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Form Management Solutions

Create and manage custom forms of all types. You will have access to have the form public or internal These forms allow you to track accountability. Forms get emailed to the user once submitted.

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Messenger Management Solutions

Rubi is the best messenger management software solution for internal messaging between your system users.  Never miss out on another conversation.

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