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RUBI Franchise Management Systems implements Strategy and Structure

Managing a franchise would seem difficult if you aren’t making use of the right strategy and tools required. If you’re a franchisor, you’ll know there’s never enough time or money to do everything your franchisees would like, and even when you do send them new ideas or important updates, how can you be sure they’ve not only received them, but read them too

Meanwhile, franchisees can find themselves bombarded with information and requests all the time. How are they supposed to sort out what’s urgent and what’s important from the rest, and if they don’t need the information right now, how are they going to find it later?

The Problems Faced By Franchisors


Lack Of Visibility.

This is one of the major problems that is been faced by the franchisors which we've been able to solve by creating a software that gives the franchisors a 360 degree view of his franchisees and their performance.


Inadequate Operation Management.

We have been able to introduce a streamlined processes to manage the franchisee agreements, enable new store concepts, new franchisee approval, lead management and more.


Inadequate Cooperation.

Our innovative Franchise Management System enables the franchisor to imbibe its corporate culture into consistent franchisee service, thereby enhancing the collaboration with franchisees over social platform, team rooms, wikis, forums and blogs.

Franchise management system

It’s Our Mission To Resolve

Rubi Franchise Management System is specifically designed to bring an end to all the various problems that are being faced by the Franchisors.We’ve device a new and innovative solution that will help in bringing your franchise business online and help you in search of new partners, franchise and also give ready tool to your business partners so as to be in touch with you.

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