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Given the new trend of working from home, many organizations have been working in order to develop their employee engagement with better workplace communication. A successful workplace requires effective communication, and Rubi is just about the right platform for one-on-one messaging with employees. Our integrated management system comes with the Best Messenger Management Software Solutions that create chats and store information making it easier for the user.

External Business Communication with Messaging Tools

We at Rubi's make sure that the messaging software that we provide allows you to have a clear chat with your friends, colleagues and family. Accurate reviews from our websites suggest that our software has been quite successful in establishing a peer-to-peer connection by effective and operative Messenger Management Software Tool.
Having expanded with further communication features, we have expertise in providing you with instant messaging services for corporate environments. This helps to incorporate team productivity and better communication. Let's have a look at some of the messaging tools.


WhatsApp tops among the most used messaging features around the world. There are around 2 billion users due to its enhanced features. Voice and video calls, texting, file sharing along with group chats have increased the app's use. The app also has a business profile that allows users to connect with small enterprises. You can easily set automated messages, share your live location and access other metrics. 


Having been one of the Best Messenger Management Software Solutions, WeChat has about more than 800 million users all over the world. We at Rubi's, have a dignified portal for e-payments by the customers for the app to be more accessible. You can easily launch marketing campaigns and ad campaigns with the help of WeChat.


Skype is one of the first and original messaging apps. With the latest capabilities that it has been providing to its users, it comes with an instant messaging feature that allows for video and voice calls.


With several unique features that boost potential lead generation, the app has the ability to send files as big as 1.5GB. Groups and supergroups can be created with hundreds of people.

Rubi has been one of the most promising website when it comes down to letting your business grow with the help of Messenger Management Software Tool. We work towards enhancing the consumer-grade version. With personalized meeting URLs, and video conferencing, we are aware of the options that one needs for external business communication.